17 4 / 2014

Kelly O’Brien is a Journalism major with double minors in Marketing and Economics. Kelly is an Agenda 360 intern at the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber. The Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber is the fifth largest Chamber in the nation and represents the interests of nearly 5,000 member businesses. The Chamber provides numerous services to their member businesses and strives to create and sustain a positive business climate for the community. The Chamber’s member businesses and organizations represent approximately 310,000 employees throughout southwestern Ohio, northern Kentucky and southeastern Indiana. Agenda 360 is the regional action plan designed to transform Cincinnati into a leading metropolitan region for talent, jobs and economic opportunity by the year 2020.

Kelly’s combination of concentrations in journalism, marketing and economics perfectly complements Agenda 360’s intern tasks. Much of Kelly’s tasks involve strategic writing and marketing with an overlying focus on economic impact. Kelly and her boss both post social media content nearly every day while in the office and Kelly monitors and presents the analytics of the social media progress. Kelly is also involved with the agenda’s “Diverse by Design” initiative – a regional movement to attract and retain top, diverse talent through leveraging the resources and minds of top city leaders. At every action team meeting, Kelly is required to take notes and convey the progress, goals and findings both internally to the Diverse by Design network and externally to the chamber and other web and social media outlets.

Kelly also manages the company’s “Story Project” – a multimedia compilation of published work by individuals around the Tri-State that tells the region’s stories through written and visual expression. Kelly builds the WordPress page as the company finds content relevant to the five “Story Project” themes, and then drives traffic to the site through social media. The Story Project, Agenda 360, Vision 2015 and WCPO are running the “Through My Eyes Video Competition”, which invites people from around the Tri-State area to create videos that tell their own story for a chance to win prizes. Kelly is building social media accounts, provides input on design and communication and will contribute to marketing efforts to encourage video submission.

A final ongoing project Kelly is working on is the development, event planning and communication plan for the Cincinnati Internship Network Connection (CINC)- a talent retention program to acclimate young talent to the Cincinnati area. In addition to these projects Kelly has edited the Regional Indicators Reports, given a presentation about Yammer to other chamber members to incorporate it into the company’s universal communication strategy, written Diverse by Design updates and meeting notes, analyzed and provided results for the Diverse by Design Symposium Survey, and presented social media analytics to the marketing team.

This internship has truly inspired Kelly to seek more involvement within the city of Cincinnati after her graduation. Kelly has really admired the members at the chamber and how invested they are in the improvement of Cincinnati. Kelly hopes to someday immerse herself as these members have. Kelly has also been exposed to some of the top leaders and forward thinkers in the city through Diverse by Design meetings, and has seen the individuals who shape Cincinnati on a daily basis through their intellect and action.

This is Kelly’s sixth internship as a college student in addition to working part-time at a law firm and in marketing at the UC College of Nursing for a year. Kelly is not completely sure what she wants to do after she graduates, but she does know that she wants to stay focused on a career that involves heavy written communication skills and involves working with a higher education/entry-level age group. Kelly is deciding whether to pursue a dual master’s degree in community planning and law, or an MBA. No matter what she decides, Kelly plans to continue her education at University of Cincinnati.  She’s very interested in either service marketing or corporate talent acquisition and hopes to land another internship through the Academic Internship Program before graduation.

Very impressive Kelly! Keep up the great work!!

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Emily Lang is a senior here at the University of Cincinnati majoring in Sociology and pursing an “Experiential Learning and Practice Certificate” with the AIP program. Currently she is a sales and marketing intern for the Jorge Gurgel Mixed Martial Arts and Crossfit Academy (JGMMA) located here in Cincinnati. JGMMA’s mission is to “provide top notch training and instruction to people of all ages, fitness and skill levels to help them to help themselves.”


Emily is helping this new company build their business up through sales and marketing by using the skills she’s gained through previous experiences interning at the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Reds Urban Youth Academy. Emily’s goal is to improve the facility’s atmosphere by making it more member-friendly. Current tasks she works on are setting up a daycare room so that parents have someone to watch their children while they workout, preparing a first-aid area that members have access to, and I re-organizing the filing system so other employees can find member information more efficiently. She has also promoted JGMMA through gaining local business sponsors for the academy’s new Women’s Self-Defense Seminar and designing flyers for the company. When Emily is not busy doing marketing for JGMMA, her responsibility is to sell memberships to potential prospects and give tours of the facility to new members.


 One of Emily’s favorite things about this internship is participating in the classes offered, such as “Muay Thai”, “Jiu-Jitsu”, crossfit, and boxing after her work shift is over. Before coming to JGMMA, Emily never took any mixed martial art or crossfit classes so this experience is completely new for her. Emily has also had the opportunity to get to know the members of the academy on a personal level and can describe to newcomers what each class involves in terms of expectations, the workout intensity, and how a class can help them reach their personal fitness goals. JGMMA is like one big family, and Emily has never been so personally involved in an internship. Emily has made a huge impact on the facility by improving it over the past several months and in turn she is gaining a tremendous amount of professional, real-world experience. Emily thanks the Academic Internship Program for opening up this opportunity to her. JGMMA has offered Emily a full-time position after she graduates. Emily is so excited and feels like no matter what she does she is prepared to enter the professional workforce because of all of her amazing internship experiences with the AIP program. 

Thanks so much Emily and congratulations!

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Xiang Li is a junior here at the university majoring in Marketing and minoring in Communication. Xiang is currently a Social Media Manager intern at the Cincinnati Bride & Groom Planner. Cincinnati Bride & Groom Planner was founded in 2008 and has helped thousands of brides and their families plan weddings.

On a daily basis Xiang’s tasks are to manage all the social media outlets for the company, write articles for the company’s website and magazine, and brainstorm on bridal tips for clients.
Currently she writes 2 blogs per week for the website and magazine while managing to increase the followers of the social media outlets. 

Xiang’s favorite part of the internship is that fact that she can work in a flexible environment and expose her creativity by the posts she creates on the company’s media outlets. Every work day is like a new journey for Xiang, she never gets bored because she can always discover something fresh and exciting to share with the ‘brides-to-be’. The best award for Xiang is when she receives positive feedback from the clients and on the social media outlets. This makes Xiang feel that her ideas really help the women with their big day. To Xiang, assisting the couples to prepare for their wedding is so amazing, because not only is she working, but sharing the couple’s happiness. 

Xiang is very grateful for her first internship experience and the wonderful impact it has left on her. Xiang says this internship promotes her professional skills and has led her to become more organized and open-minded. She came to realize that enthusiasm is one of the fundamental elements of performing well in this type of work environment. This internship position helps Xiang clarify what she really wants to do in the future when entering the publishing industry. Xiang describes this internship as the starting point of her career path. After graduation Xiang plans to go to graduate school and earn a Communications Master’s degree.

Thanks so much Xiang and good luck!

Company Twitter Handle: @BrideGroomPlan